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Smart Aluminium Doors

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We provide a handsome range of entrance doors sure to impress all of your guests, whilst keeping out both the unwanted elements and unwelcome intruders.

Manufacturers of industry leading products from design innovation experts, our range of designer doors are the elite choice in style, security, performance and quality.

Your Style, Your Choice

With a range of doors that can be customized to fit all styles of homes and your personal taste, you are sure to find the perfect door for you that will last a life time. Browse our different ranges of doors:

Traditional Range:

Featuring the classical look with modern performance, the Traditional Range has been carefully designed to incorporate the elegance of Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian entrance doors. Constructed from modern materials and the latest design techniques, our doors deliver exceptional safety and security whilst featuring class-leading acoustic, weather and thermal protection.

Vintage Range:

Designed with the 1920s and 1930s in mind, the Vintage Range of doors have the art deco look and are perfect for both replacement and new projects. The choice in colours, size, glazing and door furniture options enable you to bring your dream door to reality.

Modern Range:

Sleek, chic and stylish, the Modern Range of doors features the latest design and construction techniques bringing you a striking choice of doors designed to suit new homes and apartments. With endless size, glazing and colour options and a range of stainless steel door handles, knockers and letter plates, you are sure to find the perfect door for your new home.

Cottage Range:

Inspired by characterful village cottages and stately country homes, the Cottage Range of doors are designed to fit a classical style of home. Enhancing your already elegant and beautiful home, our range of cottage doors can be fully customized to infuse your sense of style and create a focal point for your home.

High Performance Doors

You can be sure of the performance of our range of doors which feature high-quality locking mechanisms and precision construction that produces unbeatable strength and security. 

  • 3 adjustable hinges resistant to 80kg of pressure.
  • 66mm triple glazed and laminated glass units.
  • All profiles include a polyamide thermal barrier that enhances thermal performance.
  • Thermally efficient - with a 'U' value from 0.9W/m2K to 1.1W/m2K, dependent on the specified glass.
  • Double-rebated EPDM centre gaskets provide maximum weather protection.

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